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I concentrate in Bankruptcy, Worker’s Comp, and Social Security Disability.  Take the first step towards effective legal action. Contact the office of Michael F. Hacker, Attorney & Counselor at Law, for a no obligation and free consultation. We can begin assisting you immediately with the tough issues you are faced with.

Disability Claims & Appeals

If you have applied for disability benefits and your claim has been denied, you should think about contacting my Firm.  I will help you appeal the decision and claim the benefits you may need to support yourself and your family. Call today or complete our detailed Social Security Form to schedule a free consultation.

Worker's Compensation

Have you been injured on the job? It is time to seek the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.  I have over 20 years of experience representing injured workers throughout New Mexico who have sustained a work injury or have developed an occupational disease.  Call or fill out our Workers’ Compensation Form today.


I represent clients with the complexities of bankruptcy.  The process has become very common in today’s economy but can be complicated and confusing.  I’m here to help guide you through the necessary steps resulting in minimal stress and treat you with the respect you deserve.  Call or fill out our General Contact Form today.

Veteran Benefits

As a Veteran that has served our country, you are entitled to receive the benefits you earned during service.

Contact me now if you are have been or are being denied the care and benefits you worked hard for – I am here for you and all Veterans that have given their lives for our country!

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My Practice concentrates in Social Security Disability cases, Worker’s Compensation claims, personal Bankruptcy Litigation, and Veteran’s Benefits.  Contact me today for a free no obligation consultation to see how I can help you!

Michael F. Hacker, Attorney and Counselor at Law

Worker's Compensation

I will fight aggressively to ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to.  Swift representation in this area is necessary to get you the financial help you need during these difficult times.  I will proceed with your claim even if you’re still hospitalized.

Social Security Disability (SSD)

Winning a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance is no easy task and not a sure thing for anyone.  Each stage of the process must be handled properly or it can drastically extend the process with no results.  I can save you frustration by letting me take charge of this process and getting results much quicker.