Bankruptcy Alternatives | Learn What Options You Have

There can be other viable options that are better for you. Learn more about bankruptcy alternatives.  This will be discussed during a free consultation after I have more information about your situation.

Non-Bankruptcy Alternatives

Woman deciding bankruptcy alternativesOften, a client will wonder if bankruptcy is their only option, but there are bankruptcy alternatives!  This is particularly the case where a client wants to work out terms with a lender, usually a mortgage company, in order to keep his or her home.  In cases like this, I look to loss-mitigation to help our clients out get out from under a unstable financial situation.

Loss-mitigation is an attorney-based process where an attorney will work with your lender in order to create a more favorable mortgage situation.  Loss-mitigation may sound like it is not enough, but I have worked with lenders for years and am comfortable in negotiating the most promising outcome for my clients.  Loss-mitigation has many factors and can take many paths.  Included are the following possible actions:

  1.   Mortgage-foreclosure defense
  2.   Short sale negotiations
  3.   Loan workouts and modification


Depending on your particular circumstances, I will work with you to obtain the best possible result for you.

I also work with clients in order to create settlements or loan workouts with lenders.   By utilizing negotiating skills, I am able to work with creditors to create a more viable option for clients.  For instance, credit-card bank lenders will often settle pennies on the dollar before or after they sell the debt to collection agencies.

I will work with my clients to resolve not only the specific issue, but on all aspects of their financial management, helping them during difficult downturns and designing entire solutions to their issues.  This is not just for today, but for the future as well.  I can offer a path to a better and less stressful place.  Begin the process by calling today!  Contact me at (505)247-2222