Denied Social Security Disability SSD Claims

If you have applied for disability benefits and your claim has been denied, you should think about calling my Firm.  I will help you appeal the decision and claim the benefits you may need to support yourself and your family.  Call or fill out our form today to schedule your free consultation.

Any trial lawyer will tell you that a trial is won or lost far before you enter the courtroom.   Social Security Disability claims are no different.  They are not won at the hearing, they are won based on the preparation done well before the hearing.  My Firm is an experienced Social Security disability law firm that can properly prepare your appeal.  Because of early preparation, we are often able to get our clients picked up without a hearing.  There is no fee unless we collect on your claim.

Claims may be denied for many reasons, such as:

  • incomplete applications
  • not meeting income requirements
  • not meeting disability requirements

If you have worked to complete your application and are qualified to receive benefits, you need an attorney on your side if they have been denied. Online resources can begin the appeals process.

If your claim has been denied because of:

Medical reasons, fill out the Appeal Request and Appeal Disability Report
Non-medical reasons, the SSA requests that you discuss a review with a regional office near you

In order to properly preserve your disability claim you should do the following:

  • Contact an experienced disability attorney.
  • Continue to treat with your doctor.
  • Gather contact information of doctors who treated you, including names, addresses, and telephone numbers.
  • Make sure that you have a good relationship with doctors who know that you have applied for disability.
  • Get medical treatment for any illness or injury you have. Most people are picked up by Social Security as a result of a combination of illnesses or injuries rather than just one.

It can be difficult to learn that your request for help has been denied.  I am an experienced and compassionate Social Security Disability Attorney and Counselor that can help individuals and families living with a disability fight for the benefits they need.