Worker’s Compensation

Let’s speed up your claim and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Most employers will not take your claim seriously without proper legal representation.

Have you been injured on the job? Whether your work injury happened on the employer’s premises or offsite, and whether it occurred as a result of an accident or due to years of repetitive trauma, it is time to seek the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. At the Law office of Michael F. Hacker, I have several years of experience representing injured workers throughout New Mexico who have sustained a work injury or have developed an occupational disease due to exposure to unsafe conditions.

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I can help you claim the benefits to which you are entitled.  Whether you are suffering due to an on-the-job injury or disease, we can seek a range of benefits on your behalf.  Regardless of your situation, we will help you to maximize the recovery on your workers’ compensation claim.

Whether you want to fight a denied claim or file your initial workers’ compensation application, we are here to help you at any point of the benefits process:

    • Getting started: There are many details to consider when you decide to file a workers’ compensation claim. One mistake could prevent you from getting the benefits you deserve.
    • Court proceedings: Do you know what to expect from the court proceedings that can follow a workers’ comp claim?
    • Third-party claims: Have you been injured in a workplace accident involving a third party? If someone besides your employer or a fellow employee causes your injury, you may be able to file a personal injury claim, in addition to the workers’ compensation claim.
    • Appeals from denied or stopped claims: If your workers’ comp claim has been denied, or if your benefits have been stopped for any reason, we can help you determine if you can win an appeal and, if so, will help you through the appeals process.

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Do not do anything to jeopardize your workers’ compensation claim after your work-related car accident or any other work accident.  Contact us today for a free initial consultation regarding your potential workers’ compensation claim.